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With most new vehicles now being manufactured with airbags incorporated in the side seams of the seats, it is important for safety reasons that the seat covers are designed in such a way as not to impede the effectiveness of these life saving airbags.

It is for this reason that XSC incorporate a variety of safety mechanisms in the range of seat covers made for vehicles with srs airbags. These well-engineered designs include the Deploy Safe seams as well as special Airbag Release zones. Each type of fabric or seat cover material will come with the system we believe to be best suited to that type of seat cover to ensure the utmost in safety.

The Deploy Safe system has already undergone stringent engineering testing with full safety approval. The new Airbag Release Zone system has also been engineered to ensure that the seat cover fitment will not impede the seat airbag speed of deployment. Thousands of dollars have been spent in the design &/or testing of these systems to ensure vehicle occupant safety standards are maintained.


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